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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  December 18, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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are other serious gun issues beyond the obvious. for example, many people are under the impression you always need a background check to buy a firearm. >> there's a federal background check requirement if you buy a gun from a dealer. roughly 40% of gun sales are private sales between two private parties neither of whom is a dealer. for those transactions there is no background check requirement. anybody can sell a gown anybody and that's how some convicted criminals, abusers, mental ill people can access guns with no questions asked. >> reporter: california requires background checks on all firearms which includes a 10-day cooling-off period. but in many states, you can receive your gun within minutes as fast as the computer can finish checking your background. speaking of computers, there's all sorts of stuff on the internet. you can buy almost all the parts of a weapon without any age restrictions. the one exception is the receiver. the part with the serial number
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that usually houses the trigger. you have to buy a receiver from a federally designated firearms dealer. there are also website that is show you how to build a complete firearm from scratch with help from a three- dimensional printer. >> right now anyone can manufacture a firearm as long as they are in compliance with the laws and regulations. >> reporter: as for buying ammunition, several of the recent mass murderers have bought lawsuit capacity magazines. these magazines allow the shooter to fire as many as 100 rounds in just a few seconds. they are perfectly legal in many states. [ sound of automatic gunfire ] >> reporter: where are the gun advocates and national rifle association? for the first time today we heard from them since the shooting and here's part of their statement. "out of respect for the families, as a matter of common decency, we have given time for
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mourning prayer and a full investigation of the facts before commenting." the nra plans a news conference friday with more details and liz, they say they will make a major announcement. we'll be listening. >> we will. thank you. we're telling you earlier about our breaking news story out of san jose. san jose city college on lockdown tonight report of a man with a gun or a suspect with a gun on campus. unconfirmed reports. we want to go live to kcbs radio reporter mike colgan. what do you know from where you are right now? >> reporter: well, part of the campus has been cleared. but two areas of the campus are still on lockdown as the science and tech labs is what i have been told two years still on lockdown, other students have been told to leave. we see cars streaming out of the campus so part of the campus has been -- they have been allowed to leave. i think two other parts of campus remain on lockdown.
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still unconfirmed reports of a gunman on campus. some students have been allowed to leave. >> this happened about 90 minutes ago the first reports came in, mike. there was an unconfirmed report of someone being seen on campus. >> it's locked down. >> with a weapon. [overlapping speakers] >> reporter: that's right. there's no -- nobody actually saw anybody with a weapon. there are unconfirmed reports here. mike colgan, cbs 5. >> we'll check back when you get more information. we have crews on the way as well to san jose city college. the heightened tensions right now because of what happened in connecticut, and there have been unfortunately a couple of copycat, you know, phone-in threats as well at different campuses around the country and here in the bay area, as well. so obviously nobody taking any chances. again, unconfirmed reports of a gunman on campus at san jose
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city college portion of the campus on lockdown at this hour. other buildings on the campus students are being allowed to leave and you can see emergency vehicles there from our pictures in chopper 5 and again we are following this closely. technology center is being searched and the road is shut down at bascomb and moorpark. no traffic around the campus right now being allowed and we'll keep an eye on it from chopper 5 and on the ground, as well. other news today, bay area mayors and state officials are also entering the gun control debate. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee is in hayward with a look at how mayors around the bay area are making their voices heard in the debate. grace. >> reporter: that's right, ken. the mayors in the biggest cities here in the bay area all agree that something has to be done. but it's not just the mayors. we are here in hayward because the state treasurer said meet me in hayward so we're here. and he points out that california has actually invested millions of dollars into a gun manufacturer, the same one that made the gun used in newtown, connecticut. and this has led to a series of
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political maneuvers. in an open letter to the president today, eight big city mayors from new york to los angeles asked for an outright ban on assault weapons. >> it's clear that gun is not for the streets it's not for sports. it's really a gun of war. >> reporter: san francisco mayor ed lee and oakland mayor jean quan agree with the federal assault weapons ban that's already in place in california. the two cities just had their largest gun buy-back event taking 600 firearms off the streets. >> the reality is we can buy back hundreds but if we can't stop the flow into nevada and increasingly now for the internet and other sources, this is where we really need and that's why i think you see the mayors across the country trying to put pressure on the federal government. >> reporter: but will public sentiment last long enough to fight strong lobbying groups line the nra? san jose mayor chuck reed weighed in. >> i think people have a right to not necessarily use assault weapons anytime anywhere they want. and i think within the limits
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of the constitution, there are things we can do and we should. >> some may see it as a smart political move and it may be. but there's always risk. >> reporter: this political consultant says the political momentum is strong enough to call for more gun control. >> i think that the tipping upon the is reached and the mayors signing this letter and the legislators in congress pushing it and the president will force some change. >> reporter: it is not just legislation. the state treasurer announced that he has taken nearly 9 million state pension dollars out of freedom group, a gun manufacturer that makes the weapon used at the newtown school. >> illegal to either have or sell that weapon in the state of california. so obviously the state shouldn't be a participant in that kind of activity. >> reporter: lockyer also points out this is not the first time that california has invested into a company and taken the money out.
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we invested in money in south african companies and tobacco companies. they took those monies out. it's a challenge when you have $400 billion in a hedge fund managing all this money but says they are going to keep at it. >> thank you, grace lee. a little later in our newscast, we'll update you on the funerals today for two more of the 6-year-old who is were killed in the shootings in connecticut. sentencing for the man convicted of killing two people at the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza has been delayed until next month. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington got reaction from the victims' families. >> i want closure. >> reporter: but closure for the families of deborah ross and ersie everette known as chuck will have to wait. the judge has reaskedded the official sentence -- rescheduled the official sentencing of the killer nathan burris until january 18. they were gunned down at the richmond/san rafael tollbooth in 2009. burris was ross' ex-boyfriend the sentencing was supposed to happen today after a jury handed down the death penalty back in november.
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family members were prepared to read victim impact statements but instead, it was burris and his advisory counsel who spoke asking for a new date. burris represents himself and says the sheriff's department revoked his pro per leaving him without access to a library or any way to research and prepare. >> to me, it's a joke now. he's a joke. you know? he is trying to do anything he can to stay in the county jail. >> we are used to his antics now, you know, we kind of expect something he is going to do something. you kind of roll with the punches. but the main thing is that we know this is coming to an end. we know that we're going to be able to move on. >> reporter: burris is known for his outbursts in court and today there was a point when he started yelling and swearing at the victims' family members. they just laughed. they tell me, it's important that he knows what he says no longer affects them. in martinez, elissa harrington, cbs 5. other bay area headlines tonight, a san francisco pharmacy worker recovering after being shot in the leg during a botched robbery. it happened yesterday evening
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at a pharmacy on cesar chavez street. police are still looking for the two would-be robbers and their getaway driver. the worker is expected to be okay. some east bay burglars took the smash and grab to a new level when they rammed a stolen car into a concord gamestop. it happened around 4:00 this morning in the clayton valley shopping center. the thieves got away with thousands of dollars in of electronics. thousands of gallons of water came shooting out of a fire hydrant in the 8000 block of northlake drive this morning in dublin. the vehicle accidentally crashed into the hydrant causing a lake of its own. no word of any injuries. if you thought it was cold today bundle up tonight. chief meteorologist paul deanno says some places could be in the 20s. >> we have not been this cold since january. it's been cold the past couple nights. people say it's cold. it's early.
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not even winter yet. tonight we hit bottom. for alameda that means 36. early-morning in cupertino 34. frost advisory for you. how about clearlake and the north bay? upper 20s tonight. areas shaded in red the north bay under a freeze warning for tomorrow morning. the east bay and south bay almost all the way up to san francisco up the pins under a frost advisory which means which means bring the pets inside and cover up the tender vegetation. here are the specifics. santa rosa down to 29. oakland 37. mountain view 35. pacifica, san francisco right around 40. and concord, walnut creek and livermore and pleasanton flirting with the freezing mark tonight. now, details on the extended forecast not about the cold it's about the rain, find out when that will arrive and more importantly when it's going to move out coming up in a few short minutes. we want to update you on our lead story right now. breaking news out of san jose city college where they have been on lockdown at least partial lockdown the last 90 minutes or so. police are on the scene right
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now students are being allowed to leave after the report of a person on campus with a gun. and joining us live is professor charles haimleer. we understand you're an english professor at city college. what's going on. >> reporter: sure. right now, students, staff and employees are evacuating the campus. there are two areas that are still restricted in the science complex and the check building and no one is allowed to go into that area. so if you are a student with a car in that area or if you need to get a bus that has a bus stop in that area, they are in place. >> professor, who called in that there was a possibly a gunman on campus or how did police become aware that this was a possibility? >> i don't know who called it
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in. but i work in the first floor of the library and one of the other administrators got a phone call from the vice president that there had been an alert. and then we started sheltering in place based on that phone alert. >> if you're just joining us we're talking to proving charles haimer will who is working at san jose city college on lockdown. have you heard an seen anything unusual that might have prompted this? >> didn't see anything unusual. the library is actually on the opposite end of the tech building where the report came in. the library is half a mile from the call-in. >> does the school or does the
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campus have a history of violence at all? >> there's appear increasing number of incidents on the -- there's an increasing number of incident on the campus. we're in san jose and as has been reported there's an increasing number of incidents reported in san jose and our campus is not immune to that. >> you're referring obviously to some stories that have been in the news recently about lower numbers of police officers and a rise in violent crime. but specific to the university, there hasn't been anything outstanding recently? >> no. at the community college the number of incidents, just yesterday there was a man reported brandishing a knife on campus and that warning was sent to everybody on campus. there's been increased burglaries increased
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robberies. i have been here 14 years and each year, the incidents have been rising. >> we're seeing a picture now live from our helicopter chopper 5 which is over the campus and it appears there aren't many people walking around. have they told you to stay in the library? >> i'm free to go. everyone has been orthod to leave as long as they can leave without going through the restricted area. >> that's the science building and the tech building on the opposite side of the campus from where you are now? >> that's the technology building at the corner of bascomb and moorpark. >> what's the sense on campus there. a sense of panic? are people worried about the possibility the gunman on campus? >> there's no sense of panic.
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the employees were able to maintain a semblance of order and the main concern was about finals tonight. so it's very orderly evacuation so far. >> it is that time of year when the holliday break comes along and fines are given out. so that's a natural concern for them. in the wake of what you have seen in the last week you know connecticut notwithstanding, but other calls that have come in at other campuses, are you worried that something like this could happen at your school? >> was i personally worried? >> yeah. >> yeah. i have been personally worried about -- i have been personally worried about the level of safety on this campus particularly. and especially with all the, you know, events going on in the news. it creates a copycat mentality among people that, you know, might be, you know, sort of
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thinking of doing type of thing. >> what is your opinion on the safety on campus? do you consider it a safe campus? is there security? is it in a nice area? do you feel that way? >> my opinion is that it's not a safe campus especially at night. >> okay. and as you were explaining this may have come as a telephone warning or a threat that came in to i think you described it as the chancellor's office and then the word went out? >> a person was sighted with a weapon in the tech building and i'm not sure who sighted it or who made the report but then word went out to the administration channel that this happened and to start sheltering in place. >> all right. professor charles heimler, thank you for the first person account of what's going on and the situation to bring you up to date. if you just joined us, the san jose city college campus at least part of it is on lockdown
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right now as we speak. most of it near the science complex and technology building which borders bascomb and moorpark. you can see police units on the scene at san jose city college. a person around the technology building they are not taking any chances going through and clearing as much of the campus as possible. students have been asked to leave if it's safe and they are leaving now. traffic is backing up as you can see -- we want to check in right now with our reporters on the ground, kiet do who is at the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: they are letting some of the students out of the adjacent buildings next to the tech center and science center. they have been locked out since 4:30 today as some administrators came by. some got phone calls in their classrooms told them to shelter in place and lock down so some of them barricaded the doors. a lot of these buildings don't have locks on the inside. and administrators had to lock the doors from the
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outside, as well. given the events in newtown, connecticut, a couple of days ago, that was on their minds. but it looks like things are at least winding down in the section of the campus we're at but they are restricting access to the tech center and the science building down the street from us. they are still looking heavy police presence on the campus but looks like some people are being allowed back home. >> traffic is heavy in both directions. >> they were diverting traffic as police tried to figure out what was going on so the bulk of the action was happening in bascomb and moorpark. i see an english professor
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here. let me see if i can grab him on camera here. sir? all right. he is joining us right now. this is an english professor who was just coming out of his building. i'm with channel 5. what's your name? >> charles heimler. >> tell me what happened with you here. >> reporter: so about -- i work in bottom floor of the library and about 5:00, a phone call was made to one of the administrators that a person with a weapon was spotted in the tech building which is at the corner of was some and moorpark. and we were to lock down and shelter all the students in place. so we moved about 200 students in one of the back rooms of the library and locked the doors and then went from there. >> reporter: what was that like
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to move 200 students? was it chaos or panic ? >> no. it was a very orderly response. we had staff members and faculty direct the students to move into the room. we got them out of sight of glass doors. students were concerned about finishing -- go to their final exams which are happening tonight and completing their work. but there wants any panic. it was very orderly procedural. >> reporter: what was everyone doing? were they lying on the ground up against the walls hands over their heads? i mean, what was it like in there? >> no. we had them all sit down on the floor so that anyone going by looking through the front doors back into that room which is also a glass door that they wouldn't be
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seen. >> reporter: is this part of your training to make it seem that nobody was inside the room? >> last spring we had a shooter on campus drill that was optional, not many people attended. faculty hadn't been trained in this. i'm a faculty member. so there really hasn't been much training except for one or two people that really know what the procedures are to follow. >> reporter: i wonder what's going through your minds given that newtown just happened four days ago. >> the issues of violence on school campuses is paramount in people's minds right now. and we have had incidents on this campus before yesterday we had a sighting of a man with a knife on campus and now it's text messaging as a warning. we are in a tough spot. this is san jose city college
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and our sister evergreen community college he which is on the other side of san jose, it covered both campuses and after 3:00 we only have one officer on duty for both those campuses. so there's been an increase of crime in this neighborhood. there's been an increase of reported incidents on campus things like smash and grab and car burglaries. >> glad you're okay and that hopefully people can get on with the finals and enjoy the holiday season. >> sure. and anyone that's thinking of come to san jose city college tonight it's closed so don't come. >> reporter: thank you. once again, appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> reporter: there you have it. it seemed to be a pretty orderly situation as far as getting locked down here on campus. some of them used barricades. they hid underneath the door so that if there were a shooter on campus looking through the
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window of the door they wouldn't see anybody there. there was mention of lack of police resources because of the budget cuts increase of crime here on campus. there might be an issue of training with faculty, as well. so it looks like things are winding do at least in this section of campus. once we're done here we'll go to the tech center and see what's happening there. but for now, we're going to monitor the situation and bring you any updates. >> there was a report about 4:30 about two hours ago of somebody on campus with a gun. they were in the vicinity of the technology center if you know where that is at san jose city. police responded and the order was given out to those on campus to shelter in place lock the doors. pretty much what you're
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supposed to do in that situation. and both kiet and i ran into the same professor one by phone and one live professor charles heimler, who is an english professor there at city who said that that is indeed what they did they sheltered in place. he has seen and heard nothing out of the ordinary tonight. they are working to contact san jose police and campus authorities to find out if it was a real sighting or just somebody who thought they saw somebody with a gun. so of part of the campus is still on lockdown and some students are allowed to go moment. >> earlier you could see people exiting the building. it's dark so we couldn't tell if it was students or cops but the section of the campus that we are referring to is the science complex and the tech building. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button.
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san jose city college is on lockdown after unconfirmed want to update you on breaking introduce out the south bay where san jose city college is on lockdown after unconfirmed reports of a gunman on campus. we have had chopper 5 up over the school for the last hour or so. a lot of san jose city police and campus police doing a room- to-room search. we want it go back now to kiet do who is on the ground on campus. kiet, what can you tell us? >> reporter: hi there. we are live here with the president of san jose city college. this is barbara. thank you for joining us. so walk us through. you got report of a gunman around 4:30. >> . >> yes, police contacted me and we went into immediate
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lockdown. that's the first step to secure the campus to protect students and employees. and, of course, the police came on board and immediately started their search. >> reporter: tell us what you know about the actual report. what did the students see and what did they say happened? >> the information that i can share at this time is that through a text message we found out that it's possible a student had a gun on campus and, of course, we had to respond immediately to that. >> was it a student in did they have an affiliation with the campus? >> we don't have specific details on that at the moment. >> reporter: but are you confident that it was a credible report? >> i really can't comment on that. >> reporter: how would you describe the response after that? >> i would say the employees and the police responded very quickly. again, we have had training at san jose city college on how to respond. so we were instructed to evacuate part of the campus. so we moved immediately notifying students and employees by text message and
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police set up the station in front of our science building and they are on the other side of campus going through the campus securing it trying to resolve this issue quick will. >> reporter: have they been able to find any evidence of a gunman? >> no. >> reporter: any shots fired? >> no. no shots have been fired. >> reporter: what can you tell us about police resources? we understand that with the budget cuts and things like that, that you don't have as many officers as you would like. >> i think certainly throughout california with the cuts at community colleges we're all facing a shortage with personnel but we have an excellent police department. they are very responsive. so far they have done a good job of securing the college and helping us through the situation. >> do you think it was a frustrated student trying to delay finals? >> i don't have any information on that. >> is this a safe campus? >> i believe it is a very safe
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campus, yes. >> thank you,the president of san jose city college. it looks like they are still searching for some evidence of the gunman who walked into the tech center around 4:30 today. that building still is on lockdown. they have had no reports of any shots fired. and they have not found any evidence of any gunman as of yet. back to you. >> thank you, kiet do. more funerals for children killed in friday's massacre in connecticut. but also, some signs that newtown is returning to normal as some schools reopen. is not all schools are open. sandy hook elementary is still closed. cbs reporter randall pinkston is live in newtown. another school was forced to close because of threats. >> reporter: what we know is that the students were told not to report to school this morning. authorities say they received threats, they have not given us details but they say that students were advised not to report to classes. we don't know at this point whether the school will be
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open tomorrow. we assume that it will. we assume that the threats have been checked out and found to be baseless. this would be the third time in the past four days that a church or school in the area has been shut down because of bogus threats. the church a roman catholic church had to shut down and so was a high school. of course, given what happened here last friday, everyone is taking every threat seriously. and they have to be checked out thoroughly before they can allow business to continue as usual. >> reporter: the coffin carrying the body of 6-year- old james mattioli left saint rose church as family and friends hugged each other in their grief. his family described him as a numbers guy who loved math and recess. soon after the little boy's funeral, the somber scene was repeated. mourners gathered at the same church to say good-bye to 6-
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year-old jessica rekos, a girl who loved horses and whales. several wakes are also being held this evening for victim of friday's massacre including one for teacher victoria soto, who has been called a hero for shielding students from the gunman. the memorials for the 20 students and 6 teachers grow each day. well-wishers from all over are coming to pay their respects. some lit candles, others put ornaments on christmas trees. many wonder how the families will get through the holidays. >> can you imagine? that's where my heart goes out to. i can't imagine having to wake up on christmas morning. i wouldn't want to. >> reporter: newtown is slowly trying to return to normal. some schools other than sandy hook reopened for the first time since the shooting. buses carrying children drove on to school grounds with green and white ribbons on the front sandy hook's colors but police kept one elementary school closed as a precaution after threats. >> i always am worried. now it's very bad. >> reporter: children at sandy hook have not yet returned to
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school. when they do, it will be at a school in the nearby town of monroe. early this evening, the national rifle association for the first time since the shooting issued a formal response calling the shooting a sickening saddening event saying they will do whatever is possible to try to prevent future attacks of this sort. the national rifle association is planning to have a news conference this friday where we expect to hear details about what they plan to do. reporting live in newtown, connecticut, i'm randall pinkston. >> thank you. pg&e set up a show-and- tell in dublin today. they presented how next year they will be able to prevent or manage any future disaster. cbs 5 reporter ann notarangelo reports. >> reporter: pg&e says it learned a great deal since san bruno. among them, it's a good idea to have everybody in the same room especially in a emergency so in the building behind me in the coming months on the
6:34 pm
fifth floor they will have a call center that can receive calls about possible gas leaks and dispatch people immediately. >> our level of preparedness is dramatically different today than when san bruno occurred. >> reporter: pg&e's gas division wanted to show off their new gas control center in san ramon. all the while explaining this company is much different now than it was september 2010 when a gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno killing eight people and destroying dozens of homes. >> we have we have much greater confidence in our ability to operate those pipelines i feel sa. >> reporter: thursday, the california public utilities commission will vote on pg&e's pipeline safety plans developed after the explosion. puc staff is recommending approval. these are all new faces to pg&e. the independent review panel suggested separating the company's gas and electric divisions and everyone here came on board after san bruno.
6:35 pm
>> the majority of the leadership team is new to pg&e. individuals that were previously part of the gas organization are either retired or moved on. >> reporter: the company itself is reorganizing. by july, this room will hold about 200 workers who currently work in san francisco, color, walnut creek and fresno. people who answer calls about gas leaks will be next to people who control gas distribution and emergency dispatch. >> we can make better decisions respond more quickly to events that may occur or develop on the system. our goal is to be able to not only respond but to begin predicting when things begin to develop on this system. >> reporter: today management touted its overhaul of the physical system inspecting and replacing hundreds of miles of pipeline and installing new valves. that was a big issue in san bruno when it took more than an hour to manually shut off the gas. new main line valves are being installed some can be controlled remotely. others are designed to
6:36 pm
automatically shut off if there are pressure changes. pg&e has already spent 1 1/2 billion dollars to make these fixes and the shareholders have picked up the tab for that but now they want to spend an additional $2.2 billion to make future repairs. elizabeth, they are hoping that us, the consumers, that we'll pay for it. it will average about $2 a months on our bills. >> thank you, ann notarangelo. let's go back out live to san jose to the city college. quick update on what's going on there right now. the school is currently on lockdown and they are specifically looking for a gunman, a possible gunman, on campus. there was a report this evening about 4:30 when students were evacuated and the science complex and the tech building are currently on lockdown right now. according to a professor there's been an increasing number of incidents on campus. we'll check back in with our reporter kiet do later on in this newscast. once again, san jose city college a portion of the campus on lockdown. traffic around the area backed
6:37 pm
up right now while police investigate a possible gunman on campus. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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huge hit, and was acquired facebook. recently, instagram caused an uproa you've probably heard of the instagadget app that makes your instagram posting a privacy policy that said they could do whatever they wanted with your photos. and then as cbs 5 reporter len ramirez shows us, they had to backtrack. >> reporter: when you take a photo and upload it to instagram, where does it go? >> we click on a button and it shows up on the news feed or our profile but you really have no idea of knowing where it's going to end up. >> reporter: users may have a better idea and many don't like it. the popular photo sharing and filtering application raised a firestorm among its millions of users when it introduced a new privacy policy in terms of service that many interpreted
6:40 pm
to mean their photos could be used in product advertising without their knowledge, consent or compensation. >> i think that they should be compensated for it because the companies are getting free advertising pictures pretty much and also making money off it. >> reporter: on twitter criticism of instagram was a top trending topic one user saying that photo of last week's sushi dinner has fallen into the wrong hands. instagram in crisis! some users canceled their accounts. the school of journalism and mass communication play-off says the policy flies in the face of traditional media terms of use. >> if you are going to use my photos to make money, you should contact me and traditionally that's the way it's been done. >> reporter: this afternoon, instagram's founder pulled back saying the legalese was confusing and a mistake but the company says advertising is one of the ways instagram can be a self sustaining business and that they would like to
6:41 pm
advertise in the future. >> maybe some of the fine print should not be as fine. >> reporter: instagram now owned by facebook a company under pressure to increase its online advertising revenue says it will do that, too, making the terms easier to understand. updates to the terms are scheduled to take effect next month. in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. good evening to you, meteorologist paul deanno. get ready for a very cold night. coldest weather we have had since january. some of you are under freeze warnings. details on how cold and then how wet coming up. >> all right. hey at oracle when the warriors are going like this they draw attention. big game tonight. we'll have a look ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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good evening to you. meteorologist paul deanno all of us will get a little lesson in weather tonight. weather 101. it's radiational cooling. we lose heating. that losing has begun. we have clear skies and after highs, only in the low to mid- 50s. gilroy 49. santa rosa 56. it's going to be downright cold. here are your lows. we are under a freeze warning
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in san rafael, santa rosa, napa, clearlake upper 20s, low 30s. fairfield jumping down to 29. concord 32. livermore 30. san jose 34 tomorrow morning. bundle up. the kids at the bus stop in redwood city, mountain view, fremont, lows in the 30s, even san francisco for the first time this year dropping down to 40 degrees. here's cbs 5 high-def doppler radar with clear skies. we would expect the radar to be clear and it is. but it won't be starting thursday. speaking of not clear on the radar, how about the snow that's going to come to the mountains. skiers and snowboarders, you love this! check out the snow levels. 1500 to 2,000 feet. we're talking up to two feet of new snow by thursday with more snow coming up on friday and saturday. here's the deal. two things i want to talk about. first is the cold. check out the influence of our air still coming down from the north and west. it is december. it's almost winter so when we do this we are going to get chilly. high pressure off to our west, ushering in the cold canadian
6:46 pm
air the coldest night since january. low pressure moves closer to us. that will take the storm track toward the bay area. rain begins on thursday. it will be wet from thursday through sunday. so clouds will increase late tomorrow. you will get a sunny start. rain gets here late on thursday. and then the rain is not going to leave until december 23rd, two days before christmas. that's sunday. highs tomorrow, 55 oakland. the average high 56. sunnyvale 54. hayward 53. it will be cloudy by the afternoon in pittsburg and san ramon high of 52. 52 for santa rosa, san francisco tomorrow 53 degrees. here comes the rain. it will get here late on thursday. most of thursday is going to be dry. but then we're wet friday and saturday and sunday. but for your last-minute shoppers out there, monday christmas eve looks mainly dry as does christmas day. this is a great part of our show. "food for bay area families." a large check for $150,000 from chevron. stacey, tell us why you choose it give back so much to the
6:47 pm
communities that your employees live in. >> so we feel that the communities where we live and work are really important. and we try and have healthy communities. and so the food banks, alameda county community food bank -- >> that's a tongue twister. >> it is. >> and then you roll into food bank of contra costa and solano, are the two where we live and work the most and we value working with them a lot. >> you mention it's not just food it's high quality food. >> nutritious. so susan doesn't provide soda for the kids or the clients of the food bank. it's all healthy. >> susan bateson. tell us how big the need is. it's significant this time of the year. >> currently the alameda county community food bank is serving one out of six alameda county residents. >> one out of six. >> one out of six. mostly we serve children, working families. so this money will go a long
6:48 pm
way towards us being able to provide nutritious food that will help keep kids and parents able to work. >> that's wonderful news and a wonderful donation. thank you for coming in. $150,000 from chevron. go to whole foods. you can help. any little bit helps. "food for bay area families." we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
the warriors are about 30 minutes away from running wh e new vern glenn standing by at oracle arena with the sports report. >> that's right. i tell you the w is about minutes away from running with the new orleans hornets. strangely, on andrew bogut bobblehead night. i can tell you with this one, the ankle completely intact. bogut's been away from the warriors since early november with that injured angle. he has no fingerprints on the warrior success on this 7-game, 11-day road trip where the warriors won six games on the road for the first time in franchise history. first time since 1970 that they finished above .500 on a road trip. they play eight of the next 11 here at oracle. already 16-8, they don't want
6:52 pm
to give it away at home. >> you notice the confidence level rising. you notice a sense of accomplishment but also a group that understands we have done nothing. that's what i love about this group. they understand that we've done absolutely nothing. >> now, david lee has certainly done a lot. the warriors forward was named the westerns conference player of the week yesterday. in four games he averaged just under 23 points a game, 12.5 rebounds per game, while shooting over 60%. that's red-hot! also, lee had 7 straight 20- point, 10-rebounded games on the road trip alone. we chatted a short time ago. >> the way you been playing, is this the best of david lee? >> ha, let's hope not. i think i can get better. i'm really excited though that, you know, that what i'm able to do right now is helping us get wins and, you know, made for a great road trip, 6-1. i'm proud
6:53 pm
how our team started out this season. we have a long road to go but we take it game by game. >> what's with you and steph curry lining the yin and yang. >> we are great friends. he is playing the way he is capable of playing. what's the big difference? he is healthy. he trusts his ankles out there. and we all know how he can shoot the basketball and how great a player he is. we are running a lot more two- man game with steph and i think year. it's causes some problems for teams. i'm lucky to have him as my point guard. >> what's that half suicide? >> that's steph's thing. i got tired of seeing him running down by himself. i joined him and we have won ever since. the referee asked us before the game in atlanta. have you ever beaten him down there? >> no, i'll keep trying. >> how electric do you expect this game to be tonight? >> i expect our fans to be
6:54 pm
excited as usual. one thing in my three years here is fans love a winner and they have been starved of a play-off team and they have still done a great job supporting us. so i hope they are as excited as we are about how the season start out and everyone knows we still have a lot of work in front of us. by no means have we made the play-offs already. >> go get new orleans tonight. >> you got it, thank you. now, just across the parking lot at the coliseum, the as introduced their new shortstop, hirou ki nakajima to the media. the japanese infielder explained why he chose to come t oakland. [ non-english language ] >> billy beane is extremely sexy and cool. [ laughter ] >> that's definitely one of the reasons i wanted to come. >> as if billy beane needed more to increase his head size
6:55 pm
and his ego. billy, we're only kidding. before we send it back to you, just a couple of notes. it looks like the cowboys justin smith may be okay to play in seattle. the results of the mri pending but jim harbaugh thinks the cowboy might be in there. congratulations to ken venturi elected to the world golf hall of fame today. from oracle, that will do it. it's almost game time on andrew bogut night game! [ laughter ] >> oh, man. vern, thanks for that. sometimes things don't translate exactly. >> let's go back to that breaking news at san jose city college on lockdown after text reports of a man with a gun on campus. cbs 5 reporter kiet do is live on campus where some of the areas are still being searched. kiet. >> reporter: yes. we have been monitoring the facebook page and the twitter page of the san jose city college times. that's the local newspaper here. they are trapped on the third floor of the tech center this
6:56 pm
is where most of the activity is happening. this is where the first report of the "gunman" did come in. we did see some pictures that they posted. we're working on getting you those. it shows heavily armed s.w.a.t. officers in the hallways helmets, assault weapons, body armor, searching room to room. so we do know that they are going from the first floor and working their way up. so since those guys are on the third floor, it looks like they are clearing that building very slowly here. the entire campus was on lockdown starting at 4:30 today when they got a text report of a gunman who walked into the tech center with a gun. we don't know if it was a fleeting glance at the weapon or it was a long hard stare at that weapon. but it was a text report by a student. we don't know if that particular person was a students or not. but they have not found any evidence of that person or any gunman here. no shots fired. live in san jose. back to you >> thank you. we'll stand by with that story tonight and keep viewers apprised of the situation. thank you for that. and for news throughout the evening, the latest news and
6:57 pm
weather are always on see you at 10:00 and 11:00. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! steve: hey, davis family. come on now. let's win the money. how you folks doing today? thank y'all very much. thank you very much. hey. welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and like always, we got another good one for you today. returning for their third day with a total $20,850, they're from woodstock, georgia, it's the ianitello family. [cheering and applause] and straight out of dublin, georgia, it's the davis family. [cheering and applause]


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